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Phono preamplifier.

The MM phono preamplifier is built on three vacuum tubes 12AX7, 12AX7, 12AU7.

The anode feed utilizes vacuum rectifier 6X4 with 4-stage RC filter, then each channel is powered separately by circuits with 3-stage RC filters.

The vacuum tube filament circuits are powered by DC with a smooth start and voltage stabilizer system. The interstage capacitors are Sprague Vitamin Q.

The mounting wire is vintage paper insulated one made of Chilean copper.

The phono preamplifier is structurally divided into 2 parts – the power supply and the amplifier – by copper-plated steel plate.

The front panel contains the rotary type power switch and the filament lamp power indicator.

The rear panel contains input and output RCA sockets, ground terminal and power socket. There is also the 220/110 V switch. There are tube cooling vent holes on the top and the side of the cabinet.

The unit is supplied with vacuum tubes Baldwin, RCA, Matsushita.

The cabinet and the chassis are made of steel. The chassis is copper-plated.

The unit weight is 8 kg.

1200 USD. Free shipping.


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Viscous damped unipivot tonearm 12″. Luxury version.
Phono preamplifier.
Tonearm universal lifter gold.
Idler wheel for GATES CB-77
Tonearm lifting device for installation on a plinth.
Tonearm lifting device for Micro-Trak 303/306
DIY amplifier 10W ALEPH-M. Based on the Nelson Pass design.
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Slide shell for Gray Research tonearms 108, 208 mono.
Slide shell for Gray Research tonearms 103.
Slide shell for Gray Research tonearms 108, 208.
Headshell magnesium alloy.
Arm rest for Para Flux tonearm.
Vibration-damping support.
GRAY 108 tonearm clone from magnesium alloy.
GRAY 206 tonearm clone magnesium alloy.
Broadcast turntable Gates CB-11
Arm rest for Gray Research 108/208
Russco broadcast turntable idler shaft.