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Vibration-damping support.

Made of titanium. Ceramic balls. Substrates made from sorbothane.
It recommended for heavy roller turntable.
It has proved effective and for other components.

The set 4 pcs.

DSCF4380 DSCF4385





100 USD

Phono preamplifier.
Tonearm universal lifter gold.
Idler wheel for GATES CB-77
Tonearm lifting device for installation on a plinth.
Tonearm lifting device for Micro-Trak 303/306
DIY amplifier 10W ALEPH-M. Based on the Nelson Pass design.
Viscous damped tonearm
Viscous damped unipivot tonearm 9″
Binding post
Viscous damped unipivot tonearm 12″
Slide shell for Gray Research tonearms 108, 208 mono.
Slide shell for Gray Research tonearms 103.
Slide shell for Gray Research tonearms 108, 208.
Headshell magnesium alloy.
Arm rest for Para Flux tonearm.
Vibration-damping support.
GRAY 108 tonearm clone from magnesium alloy.
GRAY 206 tonearm clone magnesium alloy.
Starlight 80
Broadcast turntable Gates CB-11