Old Turntables Repair & Restoration

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Old Turntables Repair & Restoration

The number of quality Mid Century vinyl turntables that were manufactured during the Golden Years of Audio, 1950’s-1960’s, are rapidly vanishing. In the meantime, demand is outpacing the number of available units. Both Audiophiles and Collectors are growing faster than the supply of these turntables. It is difficult to find a vintage turntables that is in proper functioning condition and not in disrepair. Even more difficult to find one in mint condition.

We professionally restore vintage vinyl turntables to their former glory. We also machine parts and accessories to Manufacture specifications using state-of-the-art woodworking and metalworking technology, galvanization, and finish work.

The replacement parts that we machine are identical to the OEM originals. Additionally, we also create our own replacement part designs and fabrications, where necessary.

All our projects are unique. We strive to workhand in hand with the Customer to make sure the final product meets every aspect of Manufacturer’s technical specifications and the Customer’s aesthetic requirements.

We will assist you in purchasing the device you like from any marketplace in the world, restore it to the specified technical condition and ship to your home or office.

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